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2014 Studer S33 CNC Universal Cylindrical Grinder - 3500 hours!







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2014 Studer Model S33 with 2 x ID and 1 x OD
Used – Excellent - Approximately 3500 Hours
Base Machine:                  
Granitan machine base for superior thermal stability & vibration dampening
.00004 Resolution Glass Scales and X and Z Axis
Universal Grinder with (1) O.D. and (2) I.D. spindles.
Wheel Head:                     
Automatic B-Axis with 1 Degree incremental positioning
O.D. Grinding                     
(1) Direct Drive Motor O.D. Wheels (20" x 2.5")
10 - 15 H.P. Motor                            
I.D. Grinding                       
(2) Fischer MFM 24-42 Internal Grinding Spindle
20 H.P.                  
Coolant Supply through Workhead           
Work Head:                        
Chucking ISO 50                                
Accuracy of roundness min. 0.0004mm / .000,016"
4 H.P. 1-1000 RPM                           
Micro Adjustment Taper Corrections        
Pneumatic lifting                               
Tail Stock:                            
MT3 35mm 1.38" Stroke w/ Hyd. Retraction
Micro Adjustment for Cylindricity corrections
Pneumatic lifting & Park Position               
Fanuc Oi-TD with 15" Touch Screen           
Studer Win software with Pictogramming 
Quick Set software saves up to 90% on Set Up times.
Studer Technology to Optimize Programs
Micro Functions                
Touch Dressing                  
Contact Detection (Dittel AE6000)            
Sensors on wheel and Workhead               
Length Positioning Touch Probe  
Rotary Dressing Package                                
O.D. and I.D. Dressing Tooling with Hydraulic Swivel Dressing attachment
All necessary tooling for wheelhead, workhead and tailstock
Marposs In Process Gauging with (2) Measuring Heads
Marposs in – process gauging P7 ME for 2 in process measuring circuit
Ancillary Equipment for Marposs P7ME (display & Control of the inprocess gauging Via StuderWIN)
2 – Diameter measuring head Marposs UNiMOR S26
2 – Measuring Sole with 2.95” Stroke Vertical 
Coolant System with Chiller:      
Paper band filter 120 gal. for emulsion w/coolant tank
Pump 30 GPM/35 PSI and chiller & heater
Mist Collection                  
Mist Collector - Absolent ODF     
Wheels & Adaptors                         
2 Wheel Adaptors                            
Balancing Arbor                
Workhead Tooling:                         
Quick Change Tooling                     
8" & 12" Diaphragm Chuck(s)     
Center Tooling:                 
MT3 Adaptor for ISO50 Workhead            
Full and Half MT3 Centers                             
3 Point Steady Rest                          
Arobotech Self Centering Steady Rest.     
Auto Balancing                  
All tooling and Accessories.          
Many more accessories!
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