6-Linear Axis, 1" Bar, 12' SBF-532 Robobar Bar loader, Fanuc 31i Control
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Inventory ID: 30010

Manufacturer: TORNOS
Model: Deco Sigma 20
Year New: 2007
Details: 6-Linear Axis, 1" Bar, 12' SBF-532 Robobar Bar loader, Fanuc 31i Control

Tornos Deco Sigma 20 Swiss Screw Machine w/ 12' Robobar Bar Loader
New: 2007


Maximum diameter:                                        25.4mm    
Number of linear axes:                                    6 axes
Number of C axes:                                           2 axes    
Number of independent tool systems:        2     
Total number of tool positions:                    28     
Position for rotating tools:                            12

Additional Specifications:

Bar capacity mm / Inch:                                               20 (25.4) / 1
Main spindle speed max.:                                            10’000 rpm
Z1 axis travel (sliding headstock) mm / Inch:           230 / 9.06
Main spindle power:                                                     3.7 / 5.5 kW
Clamping Collets:                                                           F20; F25; F30
Guide bush:                                                                   Fixed; turning; Habegger
Number of tools for main operations:                        14
Speed of S11 rotating tools:                                        rpm. 10’000
Rotating tool section mm / Inch:                                16 x 16 / 0.63 x 0.63
Number of radial rotating tools:                                 4 max.
Number of axial rotating tools:                                    4 max.

Counter operations       

Clamping range of the counter spindle mm / Inch:              20 (25.4) / 1
Counter spindle speed max.:                                                   10’000 rpm
Counter spindle power:                                                           3.7 / 5.5 kW
Clamping Collets:                                                                      F20; F25; F30
Number of tools for counter operations:                              8
Speed of S41 rotating tools (optional):                                 10’000 rpm
Rotating tool section mm / Inch:                                           16 x 16 / 0.63 x 0.63
Number of radial rotating tools:                                            4 max.
Number of axial rotating tools:                                              4 max.

General specifications
Number of linear axes:                           6
Rapid traverse rate m/min. :                 30
Weight:                                                   3’000 kg
Installed power:                                    14 kva

Dimensions (length x width x height):
 mm 2’400 x 1’380 x 2’050 /Inch 94.5 x 54.5 x 80.8

Numerical control

FANUC 31i Control
10.4» colour screen
Manual Pulse Generator (setting of the tools + scrolling of part program)
Ethernet interface, RS232, Flash memory card
ISO programming
64 KB program memory
32 tool geometries and 32 tool correctors
Tool radius compensation
Loading and editing of part program as a background task
Display of work hours and part counter
Display of the component cycle time or a specific operation
Standard basic cycles: initialization, new part, new bar
Tool adjustment cycle
Standard tool threading cycle
Rigid tapping function
G96 constant surface speed function
S1 indexing by increments of 0.001 degree on the main spindle
Simple stop function on counter spindle


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