KME 1200MM X 4MM
9 GA. X 47.2"
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Manufacturer: YSRAD
Model: KME 1200mm X 4mm
Details: 9 GA. X 47.2"

One (1) 1997 YSRAD Hydraulic, Single Directional Bending System with 3-Axis Controller Model KME 1200 mm x 4 mm

Working Length: 1200 mm/47.2 in.
Capacity at full length: 4 mm/.157" (9 ga.) mild steel
2mm/.078" (14 ga.) stainless steel
Distance between uprights: 1300 mm/51.18"
Clamping beam stroke: 0 to 12.250"
Daylight opening w/o tools: 22.250"
Shut height w/tools included: 0
Clamping beam force: 10 tons
Angle adjustment of bending beam: 0 to 135 degrees
Max. Speed of clamping beam :
Up and down: 3.937"/sec
0-90 degree cycle time of bending beam: 4 seconds
Repeatability: plus/minus 0.5 degrees
Machine weight less back gauge: 8,820 lbs.
Floor space required: Machine: 80" x 80" approx
Hyd. Unit: 5l" x 51" approx

General Machine Characteristics:

Heavy welded all steel construction.

Bending beam as standard is provided with manual crowning attachment, adjustable from the front of the machine via adjusting bolts running the full length of the beam. The crowning attachment is included to guarantee straight bends irrespective of the sheet thickness.

Optimal profile of the clamping beam is 60 degrees.
Two sided, hydraulically driven bending beam. Servo operated with revolver.
Pressure of clamping beam is manually adjusted.
Overload protection is standard.
Free passage cut outs, on both sides of the clamping beam, are provided.
Hydraulic tool clamping is included as standard for quick set up of segmented tooling.
Operator's foot pedal is included.
RS 232 communications port included for off line programming from standard PC.
System wired for 3 x 460 volt 60 cycles.

All YSTAD machines use VICKERS variable displacement pumps and manifold mounted valves, TELEMECANIQUE or SIEMENS electrics for which replacement parts available throughout North America.

General Back Gauge Characteristics:

Back Gauge is AC servo driven and equipped with four (4) pneumatic material clamps for feeding of blanks and suction holders for gauging against up-formed flanges. Ball screws (STAR) are of one (1) inch diameter.

Range of adjustment: .500" to 47.2"
Positioning accuracy: plus/minus .004"
Repeatability: plus/minus .004"
Speed of back gauge bar: 12"/sec.
Smallest programmable increment: .004"
Two (2) manual squaring arms, one on each side of the back gauge are included.
YSTAD uses YASKAWA servomotors in it's back gauge drive.


Includes one (1) full length set (47.2" / 1200 mm) of hardened and precision ground, segmented tools made of the very finest European tool steel. 10" tall with hinged corner tools for each release of product.

Programming Software:

One set of YSTAD off-line, machine-programming software will be included to be run on standard PC supplied by customer. RS 232 communications cable to be provided by customer

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